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"Once your business has secured one of the most obvious domain names for your market, you're immediately perceived as the incumbent, the leader within that market, by potential customers."



If you check-out on a domain name's sale page, you will have your new domain within minutes!*

  1. Create an account with the domain name's internet registrar (usually GoDaddy.com or NameSIlo.com). The internet registrar is listed on the domain name's sale page.   Creating an account is free and quick:

  2. Buy the Domain. Include your new account information in the check-out note.  For GoDaddy.com, include: #1 GoDaddy customer number, and #2 GoDaddy email address. For NameSilo.com, include NameSilo username only.
  3. Your new domain name will appear in your account within minutes!

Once your new domain name is in your account at GoDaddy.com or NameSilo.com, you can: (1) point your new domain name to any website, or (2) forward your new domain name to any address. 

Once a year, there is a renewal fee charged by the internet registrar. GoDaddy usually charges $17.99 per year. NameSilo usually charges charges $6.99 per year.

If desired, you can transfer your new domain name to another internet registrar after you get it. For example, if you prefer NameSilo.com over GoDaddy.com. There is no technical reason to do this. But some people do (1) to consolidate bills, (2) get a better renewal price, or (3) transfer to another country (e.g. our Japanese customers often prefer a local registrar in Japanese).


AlaskaDomains.net provides free technical support throughout the domain transfer and initial set-up process: +1 800 511-1240.

We are more than happy to help!


Assigning your new domain name to your business website is easy.

  1. Login into your webhost. Your webhost is the company that has your website. Navigate to your website. This will bring you to the page that manages that website. Select “set web address” or “set domain name.” Enter the name of the new domain name.
  2. Get your webhost’s DNS settings. DNS Severs and Name Servers are the same thing. At the time you entered the domain name (above), your webhost probably reminded you of its two DNS/Name Server addresses. Write the two addresses down. In case your webhost did not tell them to you automatically, just Google “[webhost name] DNS servers.” This will provide the two server addresses.
  3. Login into the internet registrar where your new domain name is registered (e.g. NameSilo.com, GoDaddy, etc.) Navigate to your domain names. Click on the new domain name. This will bring you to the domain’s “manage” page. Click “Manage DNS” (GoDaddy.com) or “NameServers” (NameSilo.com). Enter the two DNS/Name Server addresses you wrote down.

In 1-5 hours, your new domain name will be your businesses web address!

Most businesses forward there old domain name to their new web address for a time. This way: (1) old customers can gradually change their habits over time, (2) old publications and links remain good, (3) Google knows you moved and keeps your search rank, 



Domain name forwarding lets you automatically direct a domain's visitors to another address.  It's free!

  1. GoDaddy.com - Login. Navigate to your domain names. Click on the domain name to forward. This will bring you to the domain’s “manage” page. Click “Manage DNS.” Click “Forwarding Domain ADD.” Enter the address to send it too. Leave the settings alone. Click "Save".
  2. NameSilo.com - Login. Navigate to your domain names. Click the box next to the domain name to forward. Click “Forward Domains” (above). Enter the address to send it too. Leave the settings along. Click "Save".

When you use the regular settings (above), the URL in the address bar instantly changes to the real one.  To keep the URL the same despite the forward, enable “masking” in the forward options.

There are many reasons to forward:  

  • Most people forward there old domain name to their new web address.
  • Your business is not quite ready to change web addresses. You plan to switch later.  But, you want to start sharing your new address now with clients, associates, and friends.
  • Your existing business webpage doesn’t support web addresses. For example, your current business page is an Alibaba export store, Amazon store, Ebay store, or Facebook page.



The sales pages are set to Credit Card via Paypal by default. However, you can request a domain names’ sale page be changed to any supported form of payment!

AlaskaDomains.net has integrated merchant accounts with Escrow.com and Escrow Pay. These services offer added protection for a small fee. With escrow, your payment to us is not released until you are satisfied with your purchase and authorize its release.

Escrow.com and Escrow Pay charge (1) a 3.25% service fee ($10 minimum, and (2) require you scan your government-issued identification and upload it to Escrow.com / Escrow Pay.


If you would like us to change the payment method on a particular domain, just email or call us when your ready to purchase. The sales page will be updated immediately to reflect your request.

+1 800 511-1240  / sales@AlaskaDomains.net